Welcome Post

Hello and Welcome to the Lean Viking’s blog.

Here you will find thoughts and ideas on Lean and Agile Product Development, inspired by my affinity for minimalistic designs, Lean principles and Agile methods.

There’s lots of information out there about how Lean and Agile development works. But how do you get there if you are entrenched in a waterfall-based culture today? And what if you’re working in a large-scale environment? Wishing for Agile won’t make it so, especially if you are trying to scale up beyond a handful of teams. Agile at large scale is difficult… but is there really a viable long-term alternative? Organizations move to Agile because things aren’t working well in the Waterfall model. Those troubles are magnified at scale. The good news is that improvements are magnified as well, and scale economics work their wonders.

There is much hard work to do and a lot of it involves changing fundamental behavior. But what could be more rewarding that moving a whole organization to a new level of performance?

My hope is that you will follow this blog as an active participant. The purpose of this blog isn’t to give me a soapbox platform. I am blogging because I want to share my thoughts and hear what y’all have to say about Agile at scale.